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Executive Function

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David is 11 and likes soccer and science. At school he enjoys hands-on learning, but he struggles with writing assignments. His parents sought help after a book report turned the family upside down. Overall, his spoken language skills were fairly strong, but his executive functions were quite challenged: He had trouble organizing his school materials and keeping track of his assignments. In therapy, we found a graphic organizer that helped David get started with his writing. He learned to use a custom checklist to edit his work. With incentives, he began to practice strategies for homework tracking and now he is also learning to use a visual aid to stay on task when getting ready for school.

Grammar and vocabulary

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When Joni was in preschool, her parents asked for an evaluation. She used very short sentences and had a limited vocabulary. She often lashed out at siblings and playmates because she was frustrated. In therapy at her home, Joni built a more robust vocabulary through themed activities and learned to expand her comments and questions to include more information. Her parents and siblings learned ways to model higher grammar and how to help Joni repair communication breakdowns. Joni graduated from speech therapy in first grade, more confident in her peer interactions, and speaking and understanding at grade level. She came back for a short time as a 4th grader when the reading level of her assignments increased in difficulty. She learned strategies to find information, summarize main ideas, and recall details in order to meet the growing demands of her schoolwork.

Reading and Pre-Reading Skills

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Michelle was having trouble learning her ABC's in Kindergarten. A timely comprehensive evaluation uncovered additional needs that were interfering with her ability to learn letter sound correspondence. She got started in therapy to develop phonemic awareness before falling behind her peers in reading, while her parents received guidance to navigate the IEP process so she could get help at school.


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Shane was 7 and had several speech sounds that he hadn't mastered. He worked in therapy to learn proper tongue placement and technique. Between sessions, Shane and his parents practiced a few minutes every day, using his new speech sounds correctly in a variety of contexts. He became more confident talking in school and in play dates.


Workshop Folder

Contact Language Strides to customize a workshop for the needs of your school or parents group. Past presentations have included:

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